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For the love of the Karoo
For the love of the Karoo

...It has stories to tell
People you should meet
Places you should see
And changes you can help make

Join us and experience the Karoo as you have never before.

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Our Karoo wants to bring together the people who love the Karoo, not just those living in the Karoo but also those who visit.  We want to make you part of the experience of Our Karoo.

bring together the people who love the Karoo
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The Karoo is a busy place where warm-hearted people love to gather.  We want to share with you the events, happenings, courses and adventures you can join in the Karoo.

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It is said the way to a man's heart goes through his stomach.  Although the Karoo is a semi-desert, the ground is fertile and the people creative. Come and indulge.

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The Karoo is full of passionate people who want to share their passion with you.  Our Karoo will send out a newsletter every month with Karoo content for everyone, from history and conservation to must-visit places.  These articles will build up our database of Karoo information, to become your go-to Karoo Info Hub.

For us at Our Karoo, the Karoo is about people and their stories, it’s a heart thing.  And as we all know, the heart knows no boundaries. Explore with us.

Heart of the Story

Working with Karoo communities for years has taught us a few things.
Our Karoo wants to bring a different kind of change in the Karoo.

We will be working with A2B Transformation and Hardwires, to empower individuals in a more fundamental way.

No handouts!

Teaching and equipping individuals to take
personal responsibility for their own future.